Crowdfunding and the Law

Here is an interesting blog post from a Vermont attorney about crowdfunding and the ethical implications of a lawyer crowdfunding representation costs for a client. It is an interesting read and the take away is great, the rules are the rules. We do not necessarily need new rules to adapt to technology and the challenges and opportunities that we face as attorneys, we just need to understand and follow the rules that exist.

Please read Michael’s post. Very interesting stuff.


Source: Crowdfunding: The More Things Change….


Some New Legal Terms

Dictionary (Photo credit: greeblie)

Here are some new legal terms that are being used that you may or may not have heard of out there.


1. Benchslap – According to Urban dictionary

benchslap is when a judge humiliates an attorney, insults another judge, or reverses a lower court in a particularly demeaning manner. A judicial bitch slap, if you will. This term was popularized by David Lat of 

2. Litigatrix – Again, coined by David Lat of and defined by Urban dictionary as a hot female litigator – a combination of female litigator and dominatrix. 

David, you seem to be on a roll. Although I didn’t see a definition for the last neologism “judicial diva” I’m sure we can all just use our imagination.



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